* Scholarships to elementary school, middle school and high school students
used  for essential school supplies, shoes, uniforms and food.

* Financial support to the only library and resource center in Patulul,
Suchitepequez, Guatemala, which offers free educational services to members
of all surrounding communities.

* Financial aid for costs of infrastructure and basic utilities in rural schools.

* Teaching materials and school supplies ("San Marcos La Laguna" Elementary
Our main goal is to keep children who live  in poor rural communities in school so they can
receive the education they deserve and break the cycle of poverty.
We provide scholarships to children and youth who belong to low income families that show interest in completing
their school and have an academic average performance of 70%. The parents of the candidates also agree to be
involved and support their children’s  studies and school attendance.

We are currently sponsoring students in the following communities in various states of Guatemala:
* Training and support to volunteer teachers, parents, and  community members.
Santa Lucia Cotzumalguapa

San Marcos La Laguna
In the future LTB Educa will initiate the scholarship program in Mexico, specifically in the states of
Oaxaca and Chiapas!
Santa Bárbara
San Miguel Pochuta
San Juan Bautista
Río Bravo

Caserío Guayabillas
Village El Sauce
Caserío Plan de La Brea
We achieve this by providing:
Committed to breaking the cycle of poverty
with education.
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