Monetary donation

With our "Padrino de Becas" program you can sponsor a child or youth, depending the academic level of the student.       
A monthly contribution of:
- US$20.00 allows a child to assist elementary school.
- US$25.00 allows a child to assist middle school.
- US$30.00 allows a child to assist high school.

Volunteer for an Open House
The volunteer invites friends, co-workers, and family members to his/her house for a presentation provided by an LTB member.
After the presentation, those present have the option to make a donation to the organization or to choose a child to sponsor.

Monetary donation

Sponsor a child or youth through our "Padrino de Becas" Program.

Campaigns to raise funds
- Ask clients and personnel for contributions during the campaign.
- Voluntary match that coincides with the funds raised during campaign.

Open Houses/ Special events with LTB:  
LTB Educa will work jointly with the host to organize and promote cultural and entertaining events where LTB will provide a
presentation and materials on how to sponsor our children.
Committed to breaking the cycle of poverty
with education.
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