• Where are you based?
LTB Educa is based in Los Angeles, California.  We have also founded the Francisco F. Leon y Roberto Fong Foundation in
Guatemala, where our field coordinators work directly with sponsored children in need of support and coordinate all educational
programs and activities.

  • What are the requirements for a child to be sponsored?
We provide scholarships to children and youth belonging to low-income families who show interest in completing their education and
have an academic average performance of 70%.  We also ask parents to support and be involved in their children’s education. Once a
candidate is identified and sponsored, our field coordinators evaluate the progress of the sponsored child on a monthly basis.

  • How much does it cost to sponsor a child?
We offer three different options to people who wish to sponsor a child.  With a monthly contribution of $20, you can sponsor a child in
elementary school and with a contribution of $25 or $30 you can sponsor a child in middle school or high school, respectively.

In order to ensure the sponsored child’s success in school, LTB Educa requires sponsors to commit to the program for a minimum of
twelve months. The monthly contribution covers the school registration fees, uniform, school materials, and nutritious food.  Sponsors
receive a progress report every three months, along with their sponsored child’s report card.

  • What does LTB Educa do?
We are an international non-profit organization  committed to providing
educational opportunities to underserved children and youth in disadvantaged
nations, empowering them to become leaders who strive for a positive socio-
economic change in their communities.

Our main goal is to assist rural children and youth to stay in school
and receive the education they need to break the cycle of poverty.  
We achieve this through our sponsorship programs and our library
and resource center’s educational activities and programs
designed to provide additional support to school-age children
in the area they live.
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Committed to breaking the cycle of poverty
with education.

  • How does LTB Educa obtain its funding?
We are constantly looking for financial support from companies and sponsors
in Southern California area,well as individual  donors, and fundraising events
in Guatemala and the U.S.

  • How can I get involved with LTB Educa?
Besides sponsoring children and youth, our supporters contribute with us by
donating their volunteer time or in-kind resources, joining our fundraising
efforts, or making a one-time contribution.

  • Are contributions to LTB Educa tax deductible?
We are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, chartered in the U.S., and all
contributions made to us are tax deductible.
  • Where can I obtain more information?  
You can contact us by calling (323).584.1159 or by fax (323).584.0997
Or emailing our Board of Directors:
Ana Karenina Fernandez:
Dora Orellana: dora.orellana@ltbeduca.org
Raquel Cinat: raquel.cinat@ltbeduca.org  
We are located at 2662 E. Florence Ave. Huntington Park, CA  90255.