Committed to breaking the cycle of poverty
with education.
© 2010 LTB EDUCA
2662 E. Florence Ave, Huntington Park, CA-90255
Our Mission:

We are committed to providing educational opportunities to
underserved children and youth in disadvantaged nations,
empowering them to become leaders who strive for a positive
socio-economic change in their communities.

Our Vision:

To replicate LTB EDUCA's programs throughout Guatemala
and other developing nations

focused on the social philosophy of its founders.
LTB Educa is an international nonprofit organization committed to help kids in low income rural
communities in different places of Guatemala and soon Mexico, in rural areas of Oaxaca and Chiapas. Our
main goal is to raise funds to provide scholarships for children and youth whose families lack the resources
to provide them with the opportunity to succeed academically. The scholarships are used for uniforms,
food, school supplies, and academic expenses of each sponsored child.

One of the reasons why our sponsors continue supporting our
scholarships program is because one hundred percent of their monthly
contribution is sent to the kids and youth they sponsor. LTB Educa does
no use any portion of their contributions for operational or
administrative costs.